A New Agenda for the Left


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Donald Trump has announced a new set of initiatives that he will implement immediately. They are:

  • Build concentration camps and new prisons and fill them with LGBTs, journalists, artists and anyone who protests the government.
  • Call for torture and public executions of dissidents.
  • Confiscate all private property and make it his and his cronies’ property.
  • Eliminate all private enterprise and labor unions basically making the middle class slaves of the State.
  • Control the food supply making sure the masses live in hunger and poverty.
  • Eradicate all religion, punish those who won’t comply
  • Censor all means of expression and communication.
  • Make the school system a tool of State indoctrination and create a two-tier health care system providing the masses with “free” sub-standard healthcare while providing superior care for himself and his oligarchy, and then claim that all these repressive measures are absolutely necessary to ensure the survival of these two ostensibly “free” social welfare projects. The people will be happy because the care is free and they won’t care about the poor quality.
  • Force people to leave the country in exile to manage social costs and punish dissidents.

These initiatives should make the main stream media, the college professors and students and the vast majority of Democrats very happy for this is the legacy of their beloved dictator Fidel Castro.

The Dishonesty of using the Racist Label


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barbara jordnaWe are finally having a badly needed discussion on immigration during this election cycle. Unfortunately the main stream media and the Democrat Party try to shout down discussion with cries of racism against anyone who wants to reform our system. Calling opponents racists is a lazy and dishonest tactic but it has been used by Democrats and media during every election for the last few decades because it works on single media source Americans. Not all that long ago a Democrat politician named Barbara Jordan was leading the charge on immigration reform.

Barbara Jordan was elected to Congress in 1972. She was the first woman to represent Texas in the House. Jordan made history by being the first African American woman to deliver keynote speeches at a Democratic National Convention. She was also a civil rights leader. But today her Party and the media would just call her a racist.

Ms. Jordan was a patriot. She was passionate about immigration and her work on immigration was an impetus behind the founding of NumbersUSA twenty years ago. She was the chair of the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform Her are some of her philosophies and quotes:

  • Jordan loved her country and held her fellow citizens, all of them, in high regard. Accordingly, she was insistent that, while immigration was beneficial to the United States, her primary concern was how it affected the American people.
  • “Immigration is far too important to who we are as a nation to become a wedge issue in Presidential politics. We have seen that kind of thing happen before, and it is not productive. I, for one, wish that we would do away with all the hyphenation and just be Americans, together.”
  • “There are people who argue that some illegal aliens contribute to our community because they may work, pay taxes, send their children to our schools, and in all respects except one, obey the law. Let me be clear: that is not enough.”
  • “Immigrants with relatively low education and skills may compete for jobs and public services with the most vulnerable of Americans, particularly those who are unemployed or underemployed. Jobs generated by immigrant businesses do not always address this problem.”
  • Cultural and religious diversity does not pose a threat to the national interest as long as public policies ensure civic unity. Such policies should help newcomers learn to speak, read, and write English effectively. They should strengthen civic education in the teaching of American history for all Americans.
  • The Jordan Commission’s reports called for tightening enforcement and cutting legal immigration by limiting family chain migration and eliminating the Visa Lottery.
  • “We decry hostility and discrimination towards immigrants as antithetical to the traditions and interests of the country. At the same time, we disagree with those who would label efforts to control immigration as being inherently anti-immigrant. Rather, it is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest.”
  • “Deportation is crucial. Credibility in immigration policy can be summed up in one sentence: Those who should get in, get in; those who should be kept out, are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave. The top priorities for detention and removal, of course, are criminal aliens. But for the system to be credible, people actually have to be deported at the end of the process.”
  • Jordan was one of the few courageous liberals who dared to bring up the relationship between mass immigration and falling wages and the negative economic effects of immigration on the working poor, and black workers in particular. Her commission found no national interest in continuing to import lesser-skilled and unskilled workers to compete in the most vulnerable parts of our labor force.
  • Immigration to the United States should be understood as a privilege, not a right. Immigration carries with it obligations to embrace the common core of the American civic culture, to seek to become able to communicate – to the extent possible – in English with other citizens and residents, and to adapt to fundamental constitutional principles and democratic institutions.

Her philosophy on immigration is a common sense approach that most Americans probably agree with. The Democrat Party and the main stream media however do not. The last item above is perhaps the most important. Immigrants come here because they want to be Americans, so they should embrace our culture. This was once referred to as the melting pot. This has been replaced with multiculturalism which has resulted in great harm to our culture.

Jordan wanted be part of a national effort to manage an urgent national problem. That is why the commission’s first report, which took an unambiguous stand in favor of enforcement of legally established immigration limits, was titled “U.S. Immigration Policy: Restoring Credibility”.

There is nothing racist in wanting to protect our border and manage immigration according to our national interest. But with a dishonest media it is an uphill battle.

America’s Most Divisive President


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obama & sharptonBarack Obama was hailed as the first post-racial President of the United States when he was first elected. He said that he would bring together all Americans. We were going to have a golden age of positive race relations. Obama’s words, however, were quite different after assuming office. He has a track record of condemning police involved in shootings that involve blacks before the facts of the case are in. This began with the 2009 arrest of Professor Henry Gates when he called the actions of the police as stupid. In 2012 he used the Travon Martin shooting to lecture America about being racist. Things really heated up in 2014 when Michael Brown was killed. This was the event that the protest group BlackLivesMatters (BLM) was born. The President and many race opportunists helped build BLM on the lie that Brown was shot after he put his hands up in the air. Obama condemned all police forces as being racist even though the officer was completely exonerated. He has used other incidents involving the police and blacks to further his divisive agenda. To make matters worse, his Attorney General Eric Holder began witch hunts and take overs of police forces because they he said that they were racist. He accused Americans of being “a nation of cowards” as far as race relations is concerned.

Gallup has conducted a poll to measure race relations each June/July since 2001. The results support the growing belief that public perceptions about race relations in America have taken a devastating hit since the election of Barack Obama. 75 percent of whites and 55 percent of blacks had a positive view of American race relations at the beginning of the president’s first term. In the last July, 2015 survey these numbers plummeted to 37 percent for whites and 31 percent for blacks.

race relations

When the President constantly lectures America that we are racists, and that the police are racists then it makes sense that many Americans believe that to be true. The President’s divisiveness should not be a surprise despite his campaign promises. The Democrat Party must divide Americans to increase demand for their Party. They also do not want to solve problems like racial division because then they would no longer be needed. Ironically it is the blacks who have suffered the most from Democrat policies. They black family unit has been destroyed, most black babies are born out-of-wedlock, unemployment is much higher for blacks and earnings are lower. Abortion is used as a contraceptive by blacks and the Democrats see it as a way to manage entitlement spending. Yet despite all of this blacks overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Hopefully blacks will realize this trap and change their voting patterns.

Brexit Bullets


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  • Congratulations to the Brits for talking back their country.
  • The establishment politicians misread the desire and will of the people. They tried to manipulate the outcome just like the left does here. The media and polls all predicted that Brexit would fail. Supporters were called racists’ and dire financial consequences were guaranteed.
  • The Brits are proud people and wanted their country back.
  • President Obama shamefully tried to bully the Brits saying that the UK would be moved to the back of the queue if they vote to leave the EU. Hillary Clinton and ISIS were also supporters of the UK staying. Sort of validates the decision to leave.
  • Germany’s Prime Minister Angela Merkel’s decision to take unlimited Syrian and Middle East refugees was the tipping point for the Brits.
  • The Brits felt betrayed because of the loss of their culture resulting from the EU’s policies. Prime Minister Cameron campaigned on reforming the EU but failed. When such a bureaucracy is formed and allowed to consolidate power reform is nearly impossible.
  • Americans felt similarly betrayed with Obama’s illegal open border policies. That explains why Donald Trump became the Republican candidate and will become the Presidents.
  • Multiculturalism is a poison to a culture like cancer is a poison to our bodies. The US people welcome immigrants since we are a country of immigrants. But immigrants in the past assimilated into our culture. They learned our language; they went to our churches and lived in our neighborhoods. Today many immigrant groups want to live in their own areas, they refuse to learn the language nor become part of our culture. The Brits had enough of this and Americans have had enough as well.
  • The short term drop in the market demonstrated that financial leaders who run the market aren’t so smart. They bought into the establishment line and “priced in” a loss for Brexit. In the long run the UK will better off because their taxes will be lower and they will purge all of the EU’s regulations.

The Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando is the second largest attack on our soil since 9-11. This is not a hate crime. This is not a lone wolf. This is not a “tragedy”. This is not because of the second amendment. This is Islamic terrorism. Terrorism in the US has been on a steady rise. We are not winning the war on terror. Our President has handcuffed our law enforcement and intelligence agencies by imposing political correctness on them. He has consistently refused to recognize terrorism. PC has no place in law enforcement and homeland security. This must end.