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After all of the women came out and told their stories of sexual harassment and abuse by Harvey Weinstein the floodgates have opened. Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer are the latest big names to fall. One common theme of most of these stories was that it was a well-kept secret, “everyone knew”.

I believe there is an analogy today to young black school children. In many communities these kids are mocked and made fun of if they try to succeed. They are called traitors, Uncle Toms and worse. And I believe this is widely known by the schools, politicians, black leaders and professional athletes.

Black leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton know this but their livelihood depends on the misery of blacks. Democrat politicians also count on the blacks being downtrodden. This gives them an issue to campaign on and has been a great vote getting strategy for them.

The black dropout rate, high number of single mother black families and black on black violence, high unemployment and poverty rate are all connected. But it starts with family upbringing and education.

The NFL has been damaged by the protests of a small number of players, players who really cannot articulate what they are protesting. They talk about social justice which is a term without meaning. The NFL proposed throwing money at the issue by donating to social causes. This has further divided the players and the NFL.  When you cannot really identify the problem then identifying the solutions is impossible.

If the players and the NFL really want to make a positive impact on their communities they should create a large public awareness effort to encourage kids to stay in school and fathers to stay with their families. Like it or not players are role models. Maybe the school kids would listen. Imagine if the NFL, NBA and MBL partnered to do this together.