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The Democrats are in a state of denial about Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton. They are so arrogant that they could not conceive of losing, thinking rather of a landslide victory. Hillary did not even prepare a concession speech so she had to go into hiding on election night. The main stream media are just as perplexed. By any measure when you look at all races, including State races, it was an overwhelming victory for the GOP. Below is a map that shows that with the exception of the two coasts the country is dominantly Republican.


When you look at it by county it is even more illustrative.


A look at the numbers is helpful.


The press and many Democrats focus on the fact that Trump lost the popular vote, a totally meaningless metric. Trump did fall short of Clinton’s total by 1.3 million votes, but if you take out California votes Trump has a 2.1 million vote edge. This illustrates the brilliance of our Founding Fathers. They created a Republic, not a Democracy to avoid the tyranny of a few and to preserve the powers of the States. Sadly there are many Americans who are not aware of this fact because our schools no longer teach American history.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign blames the loss on the racism of the white population. This is so ridiculous and desperate. Barack Obama was elected twice as our President and attracted a high percent of white votes. Plus Trump won Iowa, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and Wisconsin, States that Obama won. Are they all of a sudden racist States? Hillary did not even campaign in Wisconsin. The Party just cannot accept the fact that they ran a terrible candidate who is now a two time loser. Clinton ran a campaign of “I’m with Her” rather than providing substantive proposals to help spur economic growth, protect our border and put back the record number of Americans that are out of a job back to work. The Democrats after the 2014 election felt that they did not need the white middle class voters. Her calling Trump supporters part of a basket of “deplorables” was very telling, and a slip made through arrogance.