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Donald Trump has announced a new set of initiatives that he will implement immediately. They are:

  • Build concentration camps and new prisons and fill them with LGBTs, journalists, artists and anyone who protests the government.
  • Call for torture and public executions of dissidents.
  • Confiscate all private property and make it his and his cronies’ property.
  • Eliminate all private enterprise and labor unions basically making the middle class slaves of the State.
  • Control the food supply making sure the masses live in hunger and poverty.
  • Eradicate all religion, punish those who won’t comply
  • Censor all means of expression and communication.
  • Make the school system a tool of State indoctrination and create a two-tier health care system providing the masses with “free” sub-standard healthcare while providing superior care for himself and his oligarchy, and then claim that all these repressive measures are absolutely necessary to ensure the survival of these two ostensibly “free” social welfare projects. The people will be happy because the care is free and they won’t care about the poor quality.
  • Force people to leave the country in exile to manage social costs and punish dissidents.

These initiatives should make the main stream media, the college professors and students and the vast majority of Democrats very happy for this is the legacy of their beloved dictator Fidel Castro.