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  • Congratulations to the Brits for talking back their country.
  • The establishment politicians misread the desire and will of the people. They tried to manipulate the outcome just like the left does here. The media and polls all predicted that Brexit would fail. Supporters were called racists’ and dire financial consequences were guaranteed.
  • The Brits are proud people and wanted their country back.
  • President Obama shamefully tried to bully the Brits saying that the UK would be moved to the back of the queue if they vote to leave the EU. Hillary Clinton and ISIS were also supporters of the UK staying. Sort of validates the decision to leave.
  • Germany’s Prime Minister Angela Merkel’s decision to take unlimited Syrian and Middle East refugees was the tipping point for the Brits.
  • The Brits felt betrayed because of the loss of their culture resulting from the EU’s policies. Prime Minister Cameron campaigned on reforming the EU but failed. When such a bureaucracy is formed and allowed to consolidate power reform is nearly impossible.
  • Americans felt similarly betrayed with Obama’s illegal open border policies. That explains why Donald Trump became the Republican candidate and will become the Presidents.
  • Multiculturalism is a poison to a culture like cancer is a poison to our bodies. The US people welcome immigrants since we are a country of immigrants. But immigrants in the past assimilated into our culture. They learned our language; they went to our churches and lived in our neighborhoods. Today many immigrant groups want to live in their own areas, they refuse to learn the language nor become part of our culture. The Brits had enough of this and Americans have had enough as well.
  • The short term drop in the market demonstrated that financial leaders who run the market aren’t so smart. They bought into the establishment line and “priced in” a loss for Brexit. In the long run the UK will better off because their taxes will be lower and they will purge all of the EU’s regulations.