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Barack Obama, our first black President, was elected on a “Hope and Change” campaign. Obama was going to right all wrongs, repair race relations and make all the countries around the world love us. The problem is that he left the failed liberal policies of the last 50 years intact. He even doubled down on them by adding a new entitlement, Obamacare, and adding millions of Americans to the welfare rolls. He has promoted the victimology of blacks and claims that racism is pervasive in our nation’s police forces.

The riots in Baltimore are not about racial injustice. Baltimore is led by a black mayor. The police chief is black. The nation’s President is black. No this is more about opportunity, the opportunity to loot and destroy property. Just as in Ferguson many of the rioters are not from Baltimore. Radical groups like the New Black Panthers are usually the organizing force behind the destruction and rioting. Blacks have voted in lock step for Democrats and have received nothing in return. As a matter of fact they are worse off than ever. Here is why:

Failed Liberal Policies of the Democrat Party
• Encourage and celebrate single parent families, ridicule old fashioned two parent families

• Teaching blacks that they are victims and cannot succeed without government help

• Teaching blacks that they need the help of affirmative action to get in college or get a job creating disincentives for hard work and create a sense of entitlement

• Policies designed to preserve teachers union monopoly on school systems and prevent competition resulting in poor educational results

• Destroy the work ethic by creating generational welfare and constantly extending unemployment benefits

• Encourage blacks to live in big cities to protect their votes

• Encouraging the infanticide of the black race with abortion

• Chip away at the moral fabric of America with a war on religion.

• Pass legislation like minimum wage which disproportionately affects our youth, especially minorities.

• Pass legislation like the earned income tax credit which hurts the poor and dis-incentivizes work.

• Support waves of illegal aliens which takes jobs away from minorities and teaches them that laws have no meaning

• Focusing on helping criminals rather than the victims and demonizing police forces as racists (especially since Obama has taken office)

Maybe it is time for real change.