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The Democrats are great at manufacturing issues/crises. This is easy for them because the main stream media cooperates. The current issue is measles vaccination. Because of a couple of comments by Republicans the whole party is now anti-vaccine and therefore anti-children.  So Obama is out now urging parents to get the vaccinations. Here is where the press comes in. In 2008 Obama and Hillary Clinton questioned vaccinations because they may be linked to autism. This will not be widely reported.

There are now 102 people in 14 states who have become infected with the extremely contagious virus that is considered vaccine-preventable, according to the CDC. At the same time President Obama has proposed a $50-million cut to a federal immunization program.  Another fact that the press will not report on nor press the President on. Although he now believes in vaccinations, he does not believe in screening the tens of thousands of illegal children he allowed into the country and spread throughout the nation.

There are many parents now who fear vaccinations because some quack did a study that has been debunked linking them to autism. A couple of celebrities including Jenny McCarthy joined Obama and Clinton in scaring Americans out of vaccinations.

I believe in these vaccinations but it is easy to see why many Americans question the science of vaccinations. When the federal government hijacks science for political reasons as in global warming all of science is tainted. It is time for the federal government to leave science to scientists (scientists who are not bought and sold by the government.