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President Obama is using the Ferguson incident to further his agenda and to cover up his dismal failures as President.
obama-swearing-in-2009-bible-thumb-640xauto-7454When he called for a summit at the White House to discuss Ferguson and did not include the Ferguson police but did include Al Sharpton his lack of resolve to solve problems, real or perceived, was exposed.

If Obama wanted to find solutions he would not be singularly focused on the police. The policeman was not charged with anything based on overwhelming evidence.  A serious effort to avoid these rare but tragic incidents would involve digging into the “community” issues. Obama could have shown real leadership by condemning the lack of respect shown by Brown when asked to get out of the street and condemning all citizens, black or white, for resisting arrest. Furthermore he should have condemned the violence in Ferguson. If Michael Brown complied with a simple request he would still be alive and probably robbing stores again.

The bigger picture of the black community is the desperation of lack of job opportunities, the failed education system, high abortion rate and the decay of the black family unit. Black unemployment peaked at over 17% and is about 11% for adults and 21% for 16-to-19-year-old teenagers, the highest jobless rate of any minority group in the U.S. This is understated due to the large number of people that are not counted because they dropped out of the hunt for a job.

President Obama has the sworn duty to protect the Constitution and uphold the laws of our country. Eric Holder ERIC HOLDER-AP PHOTO-CROPPEDhas the same responsibilities. Both have chosen to disregard those duties and have joined the race industry opportunists like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, et al.  The big losers are the black community but sadly they will continue to vote in their slave masters.