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The GOP, sensing that they will take over the Senate in November, are maintaining a very low profile. They are hesitant to criticize Obama on anything. They are so terrified about losing minority voters that they sat by idly and watched as tens of thousands of illegal children invaded our country. They are playing prevent defense and as football fans know that is a surefire way to give up a lot of ground and maybe lose.

The GOP need to tell Americans what they will do if they control the House & Senate. Call it a modern-day Contract for America. It should be a short targeted list of items that they will vote on. Obama may use his veto just as Bill Clinton did, but Clinton felt intense pressure to eventually sign some key bills and maybe Obama will too.

Here is my list of priorities, Jobs & Border Security:

1) Approve the Keystone Pipeline
2) Reduce individual marginal tax rates and the capital gains tax.
3) Reduce the corporate tax rate and the double taxation of money earned abroad.
4) Secure our borders
5) Pass a law that any new law that applies to all Americans also applies to Congress and governmental workers.

These should be brought to a vote in the first 90 days.