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The fact that the US Patent Office has revoked the Washington Redskins trademark (for second time) should be cause for concern for Americans. What it says is that even though you followed the law and obtained a trademark, spent earnest time and money to build a brand around that trademark that it can be taken away by an activist government to appease some political constituents.

No sports team chooses a mascot based on someone or something that they want to disparage. The team song is Hail to the Redskins, not Down with the Redskins. Discussing this issue seems silly and ridiculous but that is our culture now, the few controlling the many.

I suggest that the Redskins change their name. Not because it is offensive to Native Americans but because it is insensitive to those who can’t understand why we would honor a ruthless and savage people who killed so many of our ancestors. I suggest that the team change their name to “Maryland Colonials”. This would honor all of the original colonists who risk their lives to form our great country. Why Maryland? The team plays in Maryland and Maryland was one of the original colonies.