Can you imagine raising your credit card limit year after year because you can’t stop spending money? That is what we are doing in our government. The federal government takes in about $238 billion per month in revenues, but it only pays out $29 billion a month in interest payments on the debt. We can pay the interest; fund the military, Medicare and Medicaid. Not raising the debt ceiling is not default, if Obama plays politics and does not make interest payments then we are in default and he should be impeached.

If we had a real press the headlines would not be “GOP shuts down government”, but would be “Why can’t the government balance its budget? “Why raise the debt ceiling and enable more fiscal irresponsibility?” “Why does President Obama want to increase the debt ceiling when he called that irresponsible and a failure of leadership while voting against it a few years ago?” “We gave enough money to pay our bills”

Oh to dream about a free press…….