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Although Barrack Hussein Obama is really a mullato, he gets the mantra of being the first black President (despite the fact that Bill Clinton was called the same). This mantra comes with some very special privileges. These special privileges include:

  • Avoid the legal requirement of submitting a budget. Under the law, the president must submit his budget request no later than the first Monday of February. This year he failed to submit a budget on time for the fourth time in five years.
  • Appoint perhaps the most corrupt Attorney General since Janet Reno. Attorney General Eric Holder’s legacy to date includes:
    • Selling guns to Mexican drug lords resulting in the death of Brian Terry under his “Fast and Furious program. These guns were sold to criminals in the hopes that Americans would be killed by them to help pass new gun control laws.
    • Holder lied under oath about Fast & Furious. He has failed to release most of the documents about this that have been requested by Congress.
    • Holder wanted to try the five alleged Sept. 11 plotters in a federal courtroom near the former World Trade Center site in New York. Thankfully he failed at this.
    • Holder had Fox News and AP reporters wiretapped after shopping for judges then lied about it under oath.
    • He advocated for and justified the use of drones to kill US citizens even on US soil. On March 5, 2013 Eric Holder said this, “Drone strikes against American citizens on US soil are legal
    • He refused to prosecute and even dropped the charges against the New Black Panther Party; who on Election Day in 2008 stood outside polling stations dressed in paramilitary uniforms, carrying nightsticks and intimidated voters.
  • Refer to when the Muslim terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 people and wounded 30 at Fort Hood Obama as “workforce violence”.
  • Being very critical of President George Bush about the prison on Gitmo and promises to close it but leaves it open.  Recently prisoners were provided resume training and how to interview for a job training.
  • Use the IRS to harass and punish your opposition
  • Make promises that you will not increase taxes on middle class Americans yet include eighteen new taxes in Obamacare, many aimed square on at the middle class.
  • After an attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya, he and his administration(UN Ambassador Susan Rice, State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland and Press Secretary Jay Carney lied about the event, calling it a demonstration over an internet video. He went out of his way to say that it was not a terrorist attack despite having such knowledge immediately.
  • Promote Victoria Nuland, despite altering documents and lying about Benghazi, to Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs.
  • Promote Susan Rice, despite lying for days about Benghazi, to National Security Advisor.
  • Promise to end the recession and bring back a healthy, booming economy and claim that spending at a deficit was un-American then go on to add over $5 trillion dollars in new debt in his first four plus years as President. He shows no sign of desire to reverse his deficit spending.
  • Oversee 16 million American’s that do not have a job, 1.6 million more that when you take office.
  • Add 15 million more Americans to food stamp program, 75 times more than the number of new jobs that you create.
  • Abandon Israel, our greatest friend in the Middle East and support the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic terrorist group.
  • Insult another one of great allies Great Britain by sending back the bust of Winston Churchill that was in the White House Oval Office since 9-11.
  • End the space shuttle program and changed focus of NASA to Muslim outreach. We now rent rockets from Russia for space related projects.
  • Spent your first couple of years as President criticizing and apologizing for America, referring to America as arrogant. He believes and denies the notion of American Exceptionalism.
  • Oversee record unemployment ever since being elected, despite a promise to reduce it in first term.
  • Ignore reasonable projects like the Keystone Pipeline Project and watch gasoline prices go from $1.86 before you take office to $3.65 today.
  • Bail out GM and give it to the auto workers as political payback.
  • Spend 976 hours on vacation and playing golf, versus just 474 hours on economic meetings despite our bad economy.
  • Waste billions of dollars on green energy company, many owned by major donors and many who have gone out of business.
  • Say that you have visited 57 states, all but one.
  • Refuse to produce your real birth certificate for years, and then produce a very suspicious document that is labeled a certificate of live birth, something you can buy in Hawaii without any proof of birth.
  • Name numerous Communists/Socialists/Progressives to your various newly created Czar positions only to watch them scurry for cover and resigning when exposed.
  • Bow to foreign leaders.
  • Sue the State of Arizona because it passed a law to protect its borders.
  • Sue the State of Ohio because it passed a law to allow those in the military to vote early a little longer than the rest of voters
  • Promise to reform immigration but don’t even try but rather use Executive Orders to aid illegal immigrants.

I can’t think of another reason why America tolerates this other than because he is our first black President.