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We have learned that the IRS has been used as a tool for Obama, bullying conservative groups to silence them. The Department of Justice has been spying on Fox News and AP reporters. Our embassy is attacked by terrorists and our government blames it on a video and then covers it up. We sell guns to Mexican drug dealers hoping that Americans get killed by them to support anti-gun legislation. Our President fails to submit a budget as required for years and runs on massive deficits year after year. We have turned our backs on one of our greatest allies Israel but have embraced the terrorist group Muslim brotherhood. Gasoline prices have gone from $1.84 before Obama’s first election to $3.70 because of his failed energy policies. Real unemployment has been around 15% for quite a while and economic growth is stagnant. Almost a million fewer people have permanent jobs since he took office.  We are no longer explorers. NASA has been taken out of the space business and is a Muslim outreach agency. Almost 47 million Americans are on food stamps, 15 million since Obama took office. And our premier healthcare system is about to become a European style system with all of the bells and whistles like long waits for simple procedures and doctor shortages.

It started at the dawn of the 20th century with Woodrow Wilson. Wilson was a power-hungry person who did not believe in the separation of powers and checks and balances. “Government does now whatever experience permits or the times demand….” wrote Wilson in The State. He believed as president his power should be limitless. He wrote the following in Constitutional Government in the United States: “The President is at liberty, both in law and conscience, to be as big a man as he can. His capacity will set the limit….” Wilson harshly suppressed dissent and resistance among citizens and the press. Our current President has learned this well. He was fiercely opposed to the idea of individualism, and was a critic of our Constitution. He wrote “No doubt a lot of nonsense has been talked about the inalienable rights of the individual, and a great deal that was mere sentiment and pleasing speculation has been put forward as fundamental principle,” attacking the very individual rights that have made America great. He brought forth the concept of a living document for the Constitution, a concept near and dear to the left today.

Next in line was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He did a great deal of damage to our country by establishing an infrastructure of big government.  Despite all of the New Deal programs, unemployment was 20% after 8 years as president. Historians and the mainstream media give him credit for getting us out of the Great Depression but in reality the war was the real reason for its end. He shamelessly egged on the Justice Department and the IRS to prosecute his political opponents. He became frustrated with the Supreme Court who began to chip away at his intrusive programs. Shortly after his re-election in 1936 he attempted  to pack the Supreme Court with as many as six additional justices.

Then came the so-called “Great Society”. It was President Lyndon Johnson’s massive growth of government that built on Wilson and Roosevelt’s liberal administrations. Some of the initiatives were:

  • Education: sixty separate bills including National School Lunch Act
  • Medicare & Medicaid
  • The Environment: several measures introduced
  • Job Corps
  • Head Start: program for four and five-year-old children
  • Food Stamp Act
  • HUD developed
  • War on Poverty – forty programs that were intended to eliminate poverty

This formed the infrastructure for the Democrat Party to build and maintain its power base for future elections. The Medicare and Medicaid programs are the main drivers of our national debt. The food stamp programs and the war on poverty programs along with Medicare and Medicaid were successful in creating a culture of dependency. But the party knew that these alone would not be enough. Perhaps the most destructive thing for our country but the most successful strategy for the Democrats was the systematic destruction of our education system. The school lunch programs and head start programs sound like good initiatives on the surface. However when looking under the hood the school lunch program is used as a form of bribery for States to toe the line if they want money. Head start programs are another hook for the States and also were a bone to the unions. These programs moved education into a major player within the government. The final death-blow to the education system came in 1980 when the Department of Education was elevated to a Cabinet position.

The Democrats realized that the Department of Education could be used as a recruiting tool, molding young minds to buy into their leftist agenda. The left are very patient. They knew that this was going to take a generation or two to fully take effect. History was abandoned and replaced with “social studies”. The Founding Fathers were made out to be slave owners at best. Environmental issues dominated all curriculums, including even math. Students learned that their self-esteem was more important than learning. Teachers receive degrees in  “Education” rather than in their content subject matter. The natural effect of this is that American students would no longer be able to compete in math and science with the world. Test scores started to decline and tests were dumbed down. Discipline in the schools was eliminated. The result fifty years later is a school system that is full of students who do not know who our Founding fathers were, they do not know why and how America was formed (except that some Europeans stole the land from “Native Americans” and they do not have a clue about most of our history.

Another key strategy of the left was to destroy the moral fabric our America. This was done with attacks on school prayer and Christianity in general. Since Roe v Wade we have seen the deification of abortion by the Democrat Party. Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance was stopped at many public schools. Marriage and the family unit has been under attack for years. Single moms were elevated, gays began pushing their agenda as civil rights, marriage became under constant attack, and single parent households were encouraged by the government entitlement programs.

Immigration policy is yet another tool in this grand strategy to consolidate power. Our immigration policy used to be a reasonable policy of filling needs. We were selective in who we would bring in and we tried to satisfy needs such as scientists, mathematicians, doctors, etc. Today the policy is based solely on political considerations. Immigration laws have not been enforced making it easy for millions of new Democrat voters to come here and receive benefits.

Our current President seems inspired by these great destructors of the past. He learned from Wilson that individualism does not matter and presidential power should limitless. He learned from Wilson and FDR how to use his agencies to attack his enemies and unfriendly journalists. He learned from FDR and LBJ that government entitlement programs, once in place, were almost impossible to eliminate. He knew he had a short window to do as much damage as possible so he focused like a laser on Obamacare. He also spent trillions of dollars buying up votes for his re-election. This piece of legislation if unaltered will ruin the best albeit not perfect healthcare system.

This could not be achieved without the willing help of the main stream media. They happily ignore the decline of our school systems, the moral decay of our country, the massive debt of our government and the faux science behind global warming because they want to support the Democrat Party.

So in reality it should come as no surprise what is happening today under Obama. He has bought off Americans to the point where they are apathetic about our country. Our young do not have the historical context to understand issues. They do not know that our ancestors came here because of our liberty and an opportunity, not a handout, to prosper. Many of the baby boomers have no work ethic which has been passed on to their children. The press, although growing weary defending Obama, will remain true to their left-wing beliefs and spurn any journalistic inclinations. And unlike the Republican Party, the Democrat Party will avoid independent investigations and will refuse to hold Obama accountable. We get what we deserve.