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Thankfully the Senate stopped Joe Manchin’s attack on our 2nd Amendment rights. The Manchin-Toomey amendment was defeated by a vote of 54-46. Manchin put a lot of personal capital in this bill. He saw it as a way to elevate himself to the national stage. I’m sure he believes he could be President one day and this was dress rehearsal. The price paid for this spotlight was the selling out of his principles and acting against the voters who got him elected.

Manchin tried to assure West Virginians that this was just common sense and did not erode gun rights. What he did not tell you is that our Attorney General, a man who has no regard for laws that he disagrees with or the Constitution would have new powers of regulations over guns. That is the hidden danger of most bills originating from the left. The question is “Will the voters hold him accountable”?