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When there is a mass shooting by an American here the left usually look to our culture to explain the murders, especially if the shooter is a black. The murderer is the victim. However, when an Islamic terrorist murders innocent people it is not his culture to blame but ours.We are told over and over again how peaceful the followers of Islam are. No it was our imperialistic actions that have upset the world of Islam and that caused the attack. The terrorists are rarely referred  to as a terrorist or as Islamic or Muslim. One of Obama’s first actions was to ban the word terrorist from use by his administration. 

The left have their perfect President in Barrack Hussein Obama, the blame America first and always President.  The President’s apathetic attitude towards the terrorist attacks in Benghazi is telling. He quickly blamed a YouTube video that no one really watched as the reason. And of course apologized for America yet again. Thankfully though in this day and time even the main stream media can’t hide the truth for very long, despite their best efforts. The world quickly learned the that the attack was a terrorist attack even as Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, David Axelrod and Jay Carney continued to try to sell the spontaneous demonstration story for weeks. I look forward to the last debate which will focus on foreign policy. The Obama spinmeisters must be working around the clock to concoct a story to defend their despicable actions after this tragedy.