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obama priest

Candidate Obama constantly talked about how the world has come to dislike and distrust us because of George Bush’s policies. He said that Bush was mean to other countries and that we need a friendlier approach. If we just would talk and be nice to other countries there would be world peace. His foreign policy platform called for talking to the world terrorists, reaching out to Muslims, and disarming. He gleefully promised to reduce our “investment” (the left’s favorite way to say spend) in our missile defense.

The left (Democrat Party) always prefer diplomacy to strength. In part this is due to their desire to spend money to support their re-election but it also shows their naivety. They do not understand that the only thing that terrorists fear and respect is strength. When they kill four Americans there should be an instantaneous reaction of killing ten times that many terrorists. Obama has weakened America and the Muslim world (synonym for terrorists) smell blood in the water.

Muslims have been the world’s terrorist for centuries. This is a result of government and religion being one. The religion of Islam teaches its people that the world must be all either Islamic or dead. They brainwash the children early to hate America and Israel anyone who is not of their faith. No amount of talking is going to change this.

Obama’s administration banned the term war on terrorism. They called the shooting of our troops at Fort Hood by a Muslim as workforce violence. They were quick to call the killings of four Americans in Libya as by a small group of people, and specifically said that the government of Libya was not involved.  Really?

Ronald Reagan’s three most important pillars of national security policy were (1) peace through strength; (2) trust but verify; and (3) beware of evil in the modern world. Thanks’ to his leadership and steadfast application of his pillars communism collapsed. The Soviet empire crumbled.

The first pillar, “strength”. For Reagan strength was both military and economic strength. And he would never apologize for our military power. He understood that it created the peace. And he would never demonize prosperity. That is right from our Constitution, the right to pursue happiness.

The second pillar was used to monitor treaties and arms deals, but went well beyond that. The third pillar is one easily forgotten in peaceful times. Reagan understood that there is evil in this world. New forms of evil exist in addition to the traditional forms of evil like communism. This has been eroded over the years by the mammoth weight of political correctness. Many politicians in both parties and the main stream media are afraid to equate terror with Islam. For the press it is probably more ignorance and naivety than anything else. For politicians it is fear of demagoguery.

If you cannot identify your enemy you will never defeat them. We are at war with the terrorists of Islam and always will be. We need leaders who understand that.