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The line that “we didn’t know how bad things were” is getting quite tiresome. When Obama was campaigning to be President he stated over and over again that things were very bad, almost as bad as the Great Depression. After being elected he stated that if he can’t turn things around he will be a one term President.

With all of the data compiled these days if you are running for President and didn’t know how bad things were then you are grossly incompetent and don’t deserve to be President. This is just another big lie to avoid taking responsibility for your policies. And of course the main stream media is glad to carry his water. The reality is when you turn up the heat on regulations, stop and even revoke drilling permits, block a pipeline project that would help us become more energy independent, pass a sweeping new entitlement program that no one wanted, not pass a budget in over 3 years, run up over $5 trillion in new debt with nothing to show for it and refuse to address the debt and deficit problems then it should be no surprise that we have over 16% real unemployment, job growth is non-existent and businesses are sitting on cash because of the adversarial atmosphere towards business and growth.

Let’s put some big boys in the White House and turn the Obama express train wreck around.