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Here are the five top reasons to vote for the GOP nominees.

1. Jobs. Romney-Ryan (RR) know how to create real jobs, not government make-work pork spending re-packaged as stimulus spending.

2. Obamacare. Romney-Ryan know how devastating Obamacare is and will be on our economy. The GOP must have majorities in both the House and Senate to pull off a repeal.

3. The debt & deficit. Romney-Ryan are serious about eliminating the deficit and paying down our debt. Obama and the Democrat party have no interest in this.

4. Supreme Court. There may be as many as three retirements over the next Presidential term. Mitt Romney will appoint conservatives to the Court, Obama will appoint people who do not believe in our Constitution.

5. Education. Mitt Romney has a plan to reform education. The unions and the government have destroyed our primary education system.