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How would you like the following scenarios?

1)      You take your family to a giant theme park. You get in a huge line for a popular ride. After one hour in the hot sun you come up to a sign that says 30 minute wait from here. Then you notice a group of about fifty who come out of nowhere and run up to the front of the line. The ticket taker turns their back and the group forces their way in ahead of the queue.

2)      Your dad was a plumber and you want to follow him in his footsteps. He tells you that before you can be a journeyman plumber you must learn the trade as an apprentice for two years and pay your dues. You then must pass a test. After 24 months of being an apprentice and passing the test you see that several individuals that have not been an apprentice nor passed the test are brought in as journeymen. You now have no job waiting for you even though you have gone through all of the necessary steps.

You probably would not like either scenario above. There are many people in the same boat who are trying to get into this country legally. They go through the proper steps but it is those who do not follow the rules who are embraced by the left. The Democrats have been pushing illegal immigration for years now. Obama is implementing the “Dream Act” even though it failed to pass in Congress. His goal, grant citizenship to vast numbers of illegal aliens so that they can vote for him this November.

The left like to portray the Republicans and conservatives in general as racists and against immigration. This is of course ridiculous. This is just another tool in the Democrat Party’s pathetic demagogic toolbox.  Conservatives are for legal immigration but they are against illegal immigration. Conservatives are also for an intelligent immigration policy. We as a country used to set targets for immigration and also identify needs. We would only take the best and brightest immigrants who would contribute to our country. If we were short on math teachers or computer programmers we would target these applicants. The left has hijacked this policy and targets third world countries instead. They want to let anyone in, legal or otherwise, who will vote Democrat. This means being on the government dole or a member of a minority group. Let’s enforce our laws and protect our border. Let us also return to an intelligent immigration policy.