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It would not be possible for the Democrat leader of the US Senate, Harry Reid, to make bold and unsubstantiated accusations about a Presidential candidate without the willing cooperation of the mainstream press. Not only has he repeated the false allegation that Mitt Romney has not paid his taxes but now the Democrat minority leader in the House Nancy Pelosi is touting those allegations as “the truth”. There is no doubt that if Mitt Romney ever failed to pay his taxes the IRS would be all over him. For the press to let this go on shows the level of corruption in the main stream media outlets today.

This is no more than a desperate attempt by the Obama campaign to have something to use against Romney. Since Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have no integrity they prove to be useful pawns to do the President’s dirty work. They really don’t have to find anything; they will just create a lie about it and repeat it over and over again. When the press runs interference for you the truth is a victim left far behind.