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There are several bills being introduced that would eliminate the tax on medal winners in the Olympics. Americans who medal at the games are paid $25,000 for a gold medal victory, $15,000 for a silver win and $10,000 for a bronze finish. The bonuses are paid by the U.S. Olympic Committee. This can result in tax bills of nearly $9,000 for each gold medal, $5,400 for each silver and $3,500 for each bronze.

Harry, we need you to stop this non-sense. Kill these bills just as you have killed budget bills for three years.  President Obama, remind Americans that we all must pay our fair share. These selfish athletes have the belief that their hard work and sacrifice lead them to winning a medal. They forget all the help they received along the way. Perhaps we should even take the medals and put them on display in Washington for all to enjoy and to remind us that without the government there would be no medals.