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When there is a tragedy like the mass murders in Aurora, Colorado there are two things that you can count on. The left will call for more gun control and they will blame conservatives, usually talk radio, Fox News and now their favorite target the Tea Party. They shamelessly exploit tragedy for political gain.

Time Magazine’s Alex Altman revealed the sentiment of the left when he wrote that Barack Obama has ‘missed an opportunity’ in failing to exploit the tragic ‘Batman’ massacre to push for gun control, insinuating that Obama should have spent less time mourning and more time hijacking the shooting for political purposes. He complained that our leaders seem more interested in expressions of sympathy,” rather that honing in on the fact that the killers were able to purchase firearms and ammunition legally on the Internet.

Aurora already has strict gun laws. Have you wondered what might have happened if concealed weapons were legal there and someone else had a gun in that theater?